are you confused about who writes this blog?

My name is Amy Lloyd…I take a lot of selfies…I also write a lot…and do a lot of blogging…

I write the content for this blog. If I use someone else’s wise words, I give them credit. That means if you read anything that is not credited to someone else…that was written by me.

For years on my other creative endeavors I did not sign my name to my writing. People were confused…and, so, finally I began to use my initials…AL or if you see those initials…or any writing that has no author…it was written by me…

For 6 years I published an inspirational newsletter called Songs from the Valley (over 150 issues available upon email request) and my poetry blog: life: acoustic & amplified, which took a bit of a break last year, but is starting up again! Here is the link to that good thing –

Most of the memes on my blogs are found on pinterest or google. The sources and link backs can be found on those sites. My pinterest name is / al513

here on The Oracles Compass I am featuring quite a bit of my own photos which are usually tweaked on instagram. Once again you can find me on instagram at / al513

I hope you are no longer completely confused about the author of this blog, and how I do things. However, if you find yourself still in a state of wonder-ment, or just in the need to talk, there is a contact page here on this blog, if you prefer to email me directly you can do so at