My name is Amy Lloyd and a few months ago a good friend of mine, Steve Ilnitzki, named me the Oracle of hope and happiness. I have to say the title made me more than a little happy and I decided to paste it right into my list of who “I am(s)”!

At that particular moment in time I was feeling that the current poetry blog I was writing, Life: acoustic and amplified* was coming to an end after a very good 5 year run. (*find a few thousand posts over at https://lifeacousticandamplified.wordpress.com/) And so, September 18, 2016 I said goodbye to that particular piece of goodness, and made room for what was to be born shiny new.

I have to admit, it has been difficult some days – actually a lot of days. My creative, sharing, inspiration space was empty for the first time in 8 years! I missed finding just the right poem, the search for quotes, sharing beauty-things which delighted & encouraged me, the connection with the people who followed me, and who regularly reached out to me in various forms and made me feel connected to something bigger. Some of them missed me too, and let me know, which lead to days of wondering why there was this empty hole???? Yet, somehow, I knew I was supposed to wait and a new thing would come…in the fullness of time…

And slowly this idea began to form for this new adventure – The Oracles’ Compass – a round-table type of place for us to connect, encourage and inspire each other, a place to bring hope in the dark, joy in the struggle, connection in the jagged places, laughter in the silly spots, celebration in the wins!

Combining inspiration and voices through a weekly dose of all the best Oracle thoughts and feelings for thriving in this life – I foresee ah-mazing conversations, poetry, music, video messages, questions to wrestle with, good things to think about, laughter and tears, photos, art and music, rituals and creative ideas.

Over these past years, living as mindfully (as I was able) every day, this is what I have found to be true:

Life doesn’t get better by chance – life gets better with intentional choosing based on our foundational truths and integrity! To do better, we have to learn better things and then choose to incorporate the new learning into our lives, until the next, ever-evolving, revelation brings us to a new better thing! This happens over and over, as long as we live, allowing us to go deeper and deeper, higher and higher into the mystic spaces within us and surrounding us. Let’s think about our choosing! What do we really want? What choices do we need to make, in order to allow that to happen in our lives?

Let’s THINK about it!!! Let’s talk about it! Let’s share it! Let’s spread it!


Life: it goes on…and on. We are each a small, but vital, part of the ebb and flow, at least for a little while. Sometimes we seem to be directing our own destiny, sometimes it feels like we have been ‘taken’ by a force beyond ourselves and we just want to escape the avalanche of events which have landed in our living.

Sometimes our world is strange and delivers a whole lot of crazy right up on our doorstep and we wonder if there is any sanity left, a tiny bit of mercy or even, justice. If there will ever be peace, if a sliver of light will ever show again in the dark night, if we can make any difference at all, or even survive our own life circumstances?

Sometimes all we have to lie down with are very difficult questions:

What does it all mean? Is there a purpose? Can we continue? If so, how? How do we do these hard things? How do we weather the storms, when we keep getting pounded? How can we possibly make any choice, when all we have are bad choices to choose from? How do we keep our hearts from becoming bitter when they are broken into a hundred million tiny pieces? How do we stay soft in a rock-hard world? How do we love? How do we change? How do we not change?

Does it matter what we do while we are here? Does it matter what words we use to speak – to ourselves, to each other? Does it matter what actions we take on any given day in a normal, busy, frustrating life? Will we ever see the people in this country, in this world, in our families, stop hating each other – or even be able to hold a rational conversation where each of our voices is valued? How could we possibly ever see the lion and the lamb lie down together, much less, a child leading them? Is there any hope, and how do we keep a flame of hope alive in our lives?

I believe our hopes, dreams and actions must be built on a foundation of truth and love. I believe in love and I believe love always wins in the end. Somehow, when we get to the end of ourselves, even in the darkest night, I still found there is hope.

Yes, I believe, and that is not some lame, nothing-bad-ever-happened-to me kind of belief, it is belief forged in the flames of abuse, poverty, loss, homelessness, heartbreak and heart ache, the darkest midnight of the soul. After years and years of nothing seeming to go my way in this world, I have a faith that cannot be taken away. I have encountered many things which were not what I would have chosen to go through, and through those things, which I can only call ‘bad’, I have learned to see, and to trust, in new ways. I have learned that evil can be redeemed for good, IF we choose it! Not going to pretend the costs aren’t high, why would we ever think our lives would be about cheap grace, or taking the easy way would lead us to our best selves?

I believe our lives can heal. In fact, I believe we are here to heal. I believe we can experience peace, love, joy, patience and goodness – right now, in the middle of our circumstances. I believe we are each loved, each unique, each here for a special purpose and I believe things in our lives and in our world can change.

The compass needle moves and directs is to reach the places we want to go, just as life shifts and moves us, our inner compass allowing us to change directions according to what we want to achieve in our time here. The messages of The Oracle are here to remind us…hope and happiness are not for just an elite few…we can do hard things, we can change our lives, we can heal our lives…we just have to make the choices which will allow this to happen in our lives!

the Oracle of hope and happiness


writes simple words you can understand

to fill your heart with the assurance

that the sun will rise again


the Oracle of hope and happiness


lives with the authority

of one who has been to the dark side

and returned, like the dove, with the news:

all is well


the Oracle of hope and happiness


speaks with wisdom

only words most needed

to guide you to the next step on your path

encouragement towards freedom


the Oracle of hope and happiness


delivers messages of love

from the Source of love

from the Voice of love

from the inside out



the Oracle of hope and happiness


gives everything away freely

nothing hidden that you seek

fruit easily picked


the Oracle of hope and happiness


wants to ease suffering

diffuse anger

inspire the work of ushering in joy and all good things


the Oracle of Hope and Happiness


knows for sure love is love is love

is love is love is love

is love is love is…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I only wish that more people could take the time to read this. We are our own inspiration. We all can make this world a better place. Like MJ said in his song I am starting with the man in the mirror.


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