sliding doors

It’s been a month of many returns…

portals sliding open…

stepping out onto old platforms or straight into various museums of long-hard-guarded memories…


This Eclipse

We can know all of our emotional patterns. All the triggers that trigger us. All the spaces that are unsafe for us. All the ways something can get stuck in us.

We can do all the therapy. Read all the books. Go to all the groups and still need schooling. Still be struck with an insight that floors us. Cracks our hearts wide open. Knocks the wind right out of us. Knowing is one thing. Feeling is another.

That’s what eclipse season is for.

The lunar eclipse at 15° of Aquarius occurs on August 7th, at 11:11 AM PT.

Occurring near the south node of the moon, a point that is associated with emptying out, releasing and letting go of the old, this eclipse is pointing towards the emotional patterns within us that need to be made conscious. Known. Felt.

This is a time of great vulnerability. A time where much gets exposed in order to be let go of. A full moon is a time of fruition, the apex or fulfillment of an intention. A south node lunar eclipse is both the realization of something in our lives, and the illumination of what gets in the way of future fulfillment.

Eclipses are a time when the most subtle of our issues get magnified. The ones that hide behind larger, more obvious issues. Eclipses are a time when we witness what lives in the shadows. The aspects of self that feel unloved and unloveable. Neglected and not worth paying attention to. Forgotten and forgettable. South node eclipses are a time when old stories lines return. Asking us to revisit and re-experience feelings we forgot existed, feelings embedded deep inside the tissues of the body of our lives.

We might feel frustrated. Foolish. Afraid that we are back at this place. Reliving this issue. Revisiting this pattern. But our healing process is non-linear. Nonconforming. Nonjudgmental. It feels no way about bringing up something that we thought we solved long ago.

Our healing process knows how to call us out. Knows how to call us in for our next healing initiation. Knows how to call us by our real names.

Our job is to answer the call.

Our job is to feel our way through the experience. To bear witness to our process in ways no one else can. To seek out the folks that can help us hold what is too big for us all on our own. To grant ourselves the gift of validation.

This eclipse is sitting in opposition to Mars and trining Jupiter.

Mars represents a challenge. A fight. A conflict. When we know that we are up against something that feels overwhelming, we have to take actions that will help us to unpack it. Break it down. Process it. A trine to Jupiter signifies a strong will to overcome. To create opportunity. To make bounty out of our current situation.

Encourage yourself to reach out for the help that you need. Remind yourself that you are not alone on your healing path. Remind yourself that it is not the past, that you have new tools to help you, new support systems to connect to, new ways to work through whatever it is working you.

Eclipse blessings,

Chani Nicholas


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. 

– Rumi

I decide to watch this video every day for 40 days…

As I work through these weeks I begin to see my need for ‘marble jar’ friends…







Sane Marble & Sane Marble Friends xII                   by Linda Whitstone Perry
{ find Linda on Facebook }






we find ourselves in jeopardy over and over…







there are so many patterns and illusions we carry….




some of them beautiful, or maybe even fun in some ways…




We forget the nature and teeth are real on the cute alligator riding a bicycle…


sometimes it’s tricky to identify things that can be harmful to our long term life goals…

some beliefs we never think to challenge…

                              because we ‘want’ them to be true…

                                                                     they’re our ‘sacred cows’…


                        ❤                                               ❤                                        ❤

[ example –

until recently I never challenged my

beliefs and my patterns

in, around and about relationships…


I wanted a relationship more than anything ]

I am learning to do this most difficult of inner work…

challenging some of my most holy and intimately held beliefs in new and ground shaking manners…

as I am letting go of the old…



yes, THIS fact of what we gain as we keep letting go…

is still one of the ever-surprising platforms I always find under my feet…



Image sources found on google images and pinterest / al513


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