It’s July!


there are things exploding already…

(you know it takes two)
let’s use the word tango
as we plan on multiple uses of that fun Sue-word*,
we can do that, right?
you and I
it’s hard to hold hands with yourself
it’s much more fun with someone’s appendage
on the other end of the space between us  

it’s tricky trying to lead the dance alone,
follow cannot even be spoken
without at least a couple thrown in
one is still the loneliest number
(tho one is always preferable to a dominating,
dangling, or divided second)
Equals of one plus one always add to an even balance
of the perfect two
which is just what it takes
to make the finest whoopie
or when naming a pair of wild bohemians
we’re all looking for a split-second flash
of the light hidden within
to show love reflected back in the infinity of eyes
caught in the light of the moon
shining through the open french doors
in the soft-air-still-of-the-night
let’s only fight about me stealing the covers
then make up immediately 
before the sun comes up
and one by one
we once again
make our solitary way into the day

*Sue-word – fun words to use in this blog / suggested and inspired by
Sue Timony-Hall

I found my energy flowing again…


there are some plain ol’ good days…

{Raven by Robert Bateman via Ted Simendinger

                                                                   Rainbow at Big Y by Fisherman Dan at Branford, CT
Rainbow at Guilford, CT by Jesse Ruotolo via facebook Simply Guilford, CT}

days heavily sprinkled with holy mundane magic…

Sprinkles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


there are even these to think about….

IMG_6763[1]             IMG_4903

and this comes front and center…

I find the most important reminders…

Don’t be nice!

Nice is boring. 

Nice is fake.

Nice was an adaptation

designed to win you love.

It doesn’t work.

Be real instead.

Nice is a mask

which covers up your anger, irritation, 

frustration, disappointment

(beautiful energies you learned to smother

when you were young).

Nice will suffocate you 

and everyone else around you.

Nice keeps others 

from ever really knowing you.

Take the risk of not being nice!

Take the risk of showing yourself.

Be prepared for others to dislike you.

To think you’re selfish, cold, mean,

or even worse: “Unspiritual”.

Say what you mean!

Say yes when you mean yes.

Say no when you mean no.

Take the risk 

of looking after yourself!

Be prepared to feel alive again.

To feel your heart pounding.

To sweat. To shake. 

To wonder if you have the right…

To finally feel your guilt and shame 

instead of running away from them.

Be prepared for your ‘nice’ world 

to crumble.

Be prepared to lose your 

carefully crafted image.

Be prepared to feel 

the rush of newness! 

Jeff Foster

❤                                               ❤                                   ❤                                               ❤

I’m feeling more than a bit…


with large dollops of…

OK, one more time before I go…


oh Yeah!!! THAT!

here’s to allowing all this goodness to burst around us…

all the time…


that’s a lot of good, loud lights bursting and shining around us…


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