of budgets & brouhaha’s





What if you woke up with today…
and found yourself with only those things you were grateful for yesterday?





before I talk about budgets…
I always talk…
and think….
about gratitude…





Over 20 years ago…
I left….
on my way out the door…
what would turn out to be…
the very last time…
I would ever enter the beautiful home I had created….
THIS framed Bible verse is what I picked up…
I’ve wondered a thousand times how that happened….
I remember doing it…
almost as if, somehow, I instinctively knew..
it was what would save me…
something to KEEP me…
something more important than any other possession I had…
was the counting of gifts…
was the giving of thanks…
No matter what circumstance or brouhaha
It is indeed…
what saved my life!IMG_5675[1].JPG

the act of gratitude…

is our invincible summer!

20 years forward on this crazy path…

it sits on my bookshelf…

in its place of daily reminder…

I go no where…

I do nothing…

without giving thanks…

I have come to


the thanks we weave through our days


the stirring of soup

the matching of socks

the washing of china

the feeling of clean sheets

the smell of grilling meat

our feet on the glory path of nature

the building of our budgets – big or small

our eyes lifted to sky & sea

the telling of our stories

the reading of each others poems

the morning hug

the kiss goodnight

Is where we find our


our very



This past week I have been working on my personal budget…


Becoming more mindful of how to sculpt my future…





The signs are everywhere…





Looking at what I really want to accomplish…


What my goals are…






What I want as foundational…







and so I set my eyes to the future…



Pure audacity right here…

in this current brouhaha of our world…


I say this a lot…

it’s another thing I have come to believe…






 We climb mountains
We get back up when we fall
We keep fighting for our dreams
We refuse to die, while there is breath within us
We stare our suffering in the eye
we walk straight through the dark forest with courage,
trusting our steps will not fall
We will not fail
We are warriors
We are the chosen
We are strong yet soft
We know ourselves
Acknowledge our weaknesses
while seeking for truth
Bow in humility when we make a mistake
Easily say the words –
forgive me and I forgive you

Light glows within us
We are the children
We are the beloved
We are the followers
of this majesty
properly named
grace & beauty
which comes to us right where we are
but never leaves us there
from glory to glory
we are learning to be holy
as we walk the mountains and valleys
listening for the call
thirsty for more
abandoned to love
eyes to the sky
lifting up each other
life gives us all good things
peace unshakable
Joy unending
Patience to wait for a drop more of this un-understandable mystery
Love unconditional and unlimited
we are free to be who we were created to be
we do nothing from guilt or manipulation
our love songs come from gratitude
expressions of love pour out unfettered
We speak with authority
not to judge
but from experience
nothing can rip our faith from our hearts
we Know that we Know
because we have seen with our eyes
heard with our ears
been moved in direct opposition to our own selfishness.
and so we climb
Ever upward and outward
toward the stars
toward the heavens.
They say God saves his best work
for the inside of things.
May it be so, Lord
May it, always, be so


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2 thoughts on “of budgets & brouhaha’s

  1. Predictably, maybe, It wasn’t the budget, and it wasn’t the brouhaha(s), but it was the more important things to remember, that moved me so deeply here.. it started when the beginning of this literally picked up where a conversation that I had to leave in a hurry, yesterday, left off.. and it had been at a very emotional, almost indescribable place, related to gratitude.. I like all of the places this goes, in touching on just a few things.. the “little step in the right direction”, and, “the best is yet to come”, stand out very much for me, amidst all the other Beauty everything here is wrapped in.. I really like the title of this, and the randomness in a way, but Not — that thing where you have to work for the relationships that are at play in the complexity of seeing an intricate and expansive object as a whole..


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