smoke. mirror.

How often does it happen to you???

                                      {to me?}







things go up…





changes happening…

within us…

within everyone….

in the world….

in our world…

smoke gets in….

our eyes….

our throats….

all up in our business…

our concrete plans….  {poof}   [cough]


we live with this idea…

that we control things…

{ we don’t }


we hold on to the illusion….

we can control things…

[ we can’t ]

tree 1

(very) little…

do we actually control…

[ though we like to pretend ]


some say…

we can only control…

our attitudes…

and our efforts…

I would even question

{ ? }

if that is always true…


though, I agree

[ Y ]

it is probably all we can ever practice

– & –

try to continue learning….

and so we look in the mirror…


we smile at ourselves…

just a little…

{ or a lot }



and after the smoke…

the fire

the burned bridge…

the earthquake…

the life-storms of Biblical proportions…

the mirrored revelations…

the lessons in…

self mastery

( & )

shape shifting *

we travel on

{ there should be singing here }

leaving our worries in better hands

knowing, for sure, the best of life is always ahead…

proposing a toast

with that other strong, determined, Southern Belle –

Tomorrow is another day

singing out loud

with those who mean it with all their hearts and lives –




Just like everyone alive

Your days will be full of threads

Weaving your life into a tapestry 

There will be days of great joy 

and ones of overwhelming sorrow

Good days 

Bad days

Medium days

Average days

Snow days

Hazy days

All your days you will have circumstances to accept and embrace

Some to let go – some to overcome

Life is not about being fair

Life is about winning with the cards you hold

Winning doesn’t mean being rich and famous

Winning means living as your very best and highest self

Winning means experiencing love, peace and joy

You’ll be as happy as you decide to be

You will be as healthy as is possible – based on your genetics and your lifestyle

You’ll choose to accept, or reject, what is offered you

You’ll do what you want to do

Go where you want to go

Keep holding on to what is most important to you 

   (even if you destroys it)

Love who you love

Be who you are 

You will be worth as much as you decide you are

You will have as much love as you allow inside you

You will have as much of God, and mystery, as you want

You will inhabit your life,
or not

All this will have nothing to do with your life’s circumstances 

or about anyone else, or what they do

It will all be about your choices

Simply and always your choices


(Photo sources found on pinterest / al513)


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