I’m starting with day 9 of the #mayyoube from Project Happiness….


the home of the master

is not always what we expect. 

the soul of the yogi is sometimes, more than a little, troubled.  

the heart of the guru, not always easy or calm. 

the path of the pilgrim, not always smooth and straight. 

a lot of good angels, seem to be in need of a long, hot soapy shower. 

the most valiant warriors, come carrying death on their swords. 

the best pastures for the beloved sheep, are often quite tricky to find. 

the best of life, usually comes to us the very hard way. 

we fall. we learn. 

we rise. we fall again. 

in these days of fast food.

loud, busy 

and instant everything.

silence, prayer

and the elusive, most difficult, qualities of 

self mastery


are still the pathways

to happiness

we can do hard things

Life is worthy of our presence

our best attempts are all worth while

Anais Nin reminds us…

 Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

Life takes courage…

Life gets better… bad decisions

            [ or worse ]

                  by choice…

Each choice you make today…

will directly effect your life tomorrow…


Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Dolly Parton

If you don’t know who you are…

what you stand for…

what you want your life to be about…

you won’t likely get a life you love..

What Does It Mean to Live Intentionally?

Intentional living is about knowing why you do what you do and why you don’t do what you don’t do.

Intentional living is being willing to take a step back and evaluate the things you’re doing.

Intentional living is about doing the things that are important to you even when they’re not easy.

Intentional living is about evaluating the advice and example of other people and taking from it what works for you.


And Here’s a Helpful Guide to begin living intentionally

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As I work on setting boundaries…

It very naturally leads me to….

Focusing on intentional living….






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At least for a little while…

There is no guarantee for how long…

Life begs to be noticed…

to be inhabited…


May you live your life….

May I live mine….

To the fullest and best we can…