There are more like us. All over the world
There are confused people, who can’t remember
The name of their dog when they wake up, and people
Who love God but can’t remember where

He was when they went to sleep. It’s
All right. The world cleanses itself this way.
A wrong number occurs to you in the middle
Of the night, you dial it, it rings just in time

To save the house. And the second-story man
Gets the wrong address, where the insomniac lives,
And he’s lonely, and they talk, and the thief
Goes back to college. Even in graduate school,

You can wander into the wrong classroom,
And hear great poems lovingly spoken
By the wrong professor. And you find your soul,
And greatness has a defender, and even in death you’re safe.

“People Like Us” by Robert Bly

there are stories…


all around us….

crossing our paths every day….

living behind every doorway….




every life has this…

what makes the difference in how we live?


we get to choose how we see things here…



The only way to make our lives EXTRA}ordinary is…

to seize each day…


the value…

of each ordinary-extra}ordinary moment…

If you walk outside…

on any given day…

you might see…


baby owls pose naturally in trees right above us

trees literally dazzle lining a street we avoid to get to the highway…

how much do we miss?

because we never get up from our work…

look up from our phones…

we become consumed with busy

we chain ourselves…

we tell ourselves we have time…

extra}ordinary takes more than we can manage…


what signs do we stand beside and never notice?


How well do we know our own face? 


Can we stand our own reflections?

Our own light?

Our own form of beauty?

The truth of our aging?

Do we try to erase the lines of life we have fought so hard for?

What if we simply loved the imperfect now?


Riddle me this…

Who is supposed to know who you are?

Which person on this earth today…

is responsible….

for your one wild, precious, ordinary, extra}ordinary, simply, so-very-complex

What will your legacy say about you?


[ from m.e. ]

If you’re reading this…

don’t wait any longer

Carpe Diem!

Today’s the day!


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