I have found out some crazy things about myself over the years…

One unexpected thing of my be-ing…

I can feel emotions…

of a building…

of a home…

of a crowd…

of [almost] every single person I meet…


I find I am rarely wrong in my intuition….

I am very rarely surprised by people…

I recently found out…

when I AM wrong…

it throws me for a big fat loop! haha

(it is hard…but good to be challenged)



before the dark took me

I was the glory in the gray 

that brief puddle of yellow

wrapped in scarlet within the sunset

right before night shuts down

I walked as a beam 


that smiling ray

of me

no matter my circumstance 

you would see my light 


or at least a shadow

a tiny beacon of hope

reaching into the night 

so determined to shine and shine

Facebook / Marya Berry via Jette Antonina, l / Jeff Brown, r


Pinterest / al513

then the nights’ curtain came down

and the yellow spot I carried within

was swallowed

by the monsters of the dark shadow

I was kept safe within the arc of God

that small shelter

carried by the unseen hand

into the dark beyond dark

where there is no light 

you cannot see with normal vision

you must only trust yourself to know 

you must trust your remaining senses to keep you aware

you must meet spirits you have never known

fearful places / fire swamp creatures

safety only known through your own deepest knowing

this is the place where the girl realizes she has no name

where the fire burns so hot 

it melts all the known color

and there I stayed within this second darkened womb 

for time upon time


in the in-between 


Facebook / JJ Dewey

Pinterest / al513, l – Facebook, Jeff Brown, r

until the fire of a wounded soul

rekindled the coals within my waiting heart

and once again

oh so slowly 


I began to emerge & feel the sun on my skin

the touch of a hand on mine

the smile of the children to the child within me

the call of the warriors to the battles I still needed to win

the sweet notes of my own voice singing the songs written just for me

and then, once again 

from this new shade of being

I began to feel

to wander

 to wonder

to hope 

to begin 

to share 

to rise 

and fly free – a new star born for this deep blue sky 





pinterest / al513


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