my tulips were a lovely, lovely gift by Sue Timony-Hall

Spring came alive this week…

and then disappeared for a few days of some bitter cold…


Spring! (Theoretically)

March Madness started strong….

Kentucky made the Sweet 16….Louisville and Duke lost…

I saw the Mets (preseason) on the telly…

[ ok, that wasn’t as glorious as the bb brackets ]

I thought about a lot of things…IMG_2110[1]

and, as usual…

I thought about love….

What it means…what it looks like….










I want an ordinary love

full of magic

I want a hand without a glove

to touch me now


I want an ordinary love

filled with passion

I want eyes opened wide

to see inside


I want an ordinary love

to walk beside me

I want your breath to breathe in me

and mine in you




❤                               ❤                               ❤

I want an ordinary love

to laugh and play with

I want to sing and know and touch

to live

to do

As Plato so rightly said,

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet!


My answer is – – –



but, even with all that said,

Spring is always special…

we grow in Spring

things flow in Spring…

the earth warms….

the grass greens…

we believe in the impossible…

we stretch and stretch and stretch…



and maybe we think about play…just a little….



He’s somewhere between thirty and forty.

Perhaps fifty. Maybe sixty.

He wants to play.

Without prescription.

He wants to stamp.

And to stomp.

And to run.

And to leap
from chair to chair.

He wants to shout.

And to scream words
he just made up.
At the top of his voice.

And not to look at who’s looking.

He wants to tell his best friend
it’s OK to make believe.

And to tell his parents
that he loves them.

Perhaps he will.




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