“When life breaks our hearts, goes ahead and breaks parts and members of us — there are moments that can re-member us, that can put the parts and members of bits of our heart back together again.”Ann Voskamp
                                                                 ~The Broken Way



simply so very complex

this human brain and body

keeping such strange score of our living

our unique energies creating chemistries

emotional baggage gathered in dusty suitcases

layer upon layer deep calling to deep



we struggle with virtues we accept addictions

we mainly struggle with our call to vulnerability
our imperfect-perfect humanity

our ego lashes us with brutal lies

our need to be accepted keeps us living bent or absent

our broken family dynamics-dysfunctions

carried in our travels within our unsuspecting dna

childhood traumas haunt us like evil fairytales

we stumble and sabotage our own living

continuing to live with the damning lies

attempting to heal in so many complicated ways



trying so hard to find acceptance

desiring to be seen to be loved

to figure out this weird and wonderful path

we purposely dim our unique light to conform

our brilliant purposes camouflaged under the tangled pain

We continue to do this healing work – we walk on


Suddenly, after an eternity

the storm comes in furious and the lightning bolt hits


let us not ever forget the moment and grandeur of the final straw

never forget the blossoming of the bud as it bursts into flowering

let us never forget the lifeline, the hand that reaches across the table

and pulls us abruptly out of the dark

never forget the moment we see any small glimpse of an answer to that wily little question,


the moment we finally let go, breathe and fall back into the deep pool of surrender

trustthe moment we allow forgiveness to set us,

the bound prisoner,


the moment when waterfalls of peace finally flow in to your soul

the moment of the ending where we begin again fresh

from this new place of beginning



to sing songs

to build homes

to rewrite endings to our stories

to dream new dreams

to graduate to a new level of understanding

to step onto a new plane of learning


and so the days of our lives unfold

leading us ever onward

encouraging us to be our best

teaching us to know the truth for sure

we are enough

we are God’s beloved





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