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Hafiz rightly said, The words you speak become the house you live in



I am…

powerful stuff these things called



I had actually finished this post when Ann Voskamp’s blog post came to me….


I love words.

That’s cliche coming from somebody who writes for a living. Nonetheless, it’s true; I really do love words.

One of the reasons I have such a great affection for words is because when we see words or we hear them or speak them, there’s a pretty good chance that we also feel them.

I believe that’s why the Psalmist once wrote, “let the words of my mouth… be pleasing to you, God.”

Because words are powerful. Words are influential. Words can change us.

And how we use them can affect others deeply.

guest post by Matthew Paul Turner

Read Ann’s full blog post here…

[I love how things show up as they are supposed to…

the path is strewn with synchronicity]

          Pinterest / al513

  If you spoke to others in the way you speak to yourself…

Would you have any friends?


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Is it time for you to begin a practice of speaking kindness to yourself….


as kindly as you would someone else?


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