Ok, some weeks you just hang on until it’s over….

(yes, that was my week)

So, what to do? How do you stay on track with your soul?


Here are my top 5 life-basics:


1.    Pay attention….to little things…

especially what’s in front of you…




     2.   Take any time you can to be in nature…..see the sunrise…sunset….

                                                 take as many pictures as possible…

                                                                                                     just breathe…



3.    Keep it simple….

 take care of your heart….


in the world between worlds

where the shimmering abstract

holds all the secrets within us

words are absent

no scripture exists

there are no definitions

as there is no need for such things

in our eternal knowing 

we are ever-being known

the mystic colors of God fill us

unseeable in this earthly realms obscured vision 

they hold us there 

where we don’t need to be  understood 

or understand anything

we are simply

all we could ever hope to be

we are the lover and the beloved

eternal love

eternally loved 


You in I

I in you



photo found on deviantart.com

                      4.     Say these words a lot….

5. Turn up the music…


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