bridges are never intentionally built for burning…

they are built to allow connection…

to allow crossings…to reach the other side…

the know the other…

to allow free comings and goings…


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Love is the the most radically subversive activism of all,
                                        it’s the only thing that ever changed any one.                                        – Ann Voskamp
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we reach a place….

                              a place where we must make a decision…

You have burned your bridges.

You have passed through the gate

marked “no return”

And for you there is no going back

No going back to the security of

the known, familiar house,

To the well-worn dispensations

and the threadbare coverings.

Now you are out there in uncharted


heavy with threat and shadows not

yet entered.

The risks are high, and yet you

strike out boldly,

Guided only by unwavering conviction

And the longing for the true centre

of the land.

This is what it means to do a new


So, you travel lightly.

You are abandoned, given up in all


To the task that lies ahead.

Therefore, you may be exactly who

you are.

You have inhabited yourself,

You are at home,

And home is where you are,

Even if it is the desert.

No one can dispossess you of your own in-dwelling.

This is what it means to be free.

We stand, one foot upon the bridge,

Wondering if we too have the courage to go over

And strike the match behind us.


The Dream of Learning our True Name by Kathy Galloway



only these burned places can lead us to freedom…

only the striking of the match will allow new life to begin

Jeff Brown talks about unconditional love –

I think unconditional love is a beautiful thing, so long as we don’t use it against ourselves. I can love all of humanity, but that doesn’t mean that I will put up with all of humanity. The boundary, for me, is set at healthy self-regard. When my unconditional love for another undermines my
self-respect, the fence goes up. Not because I don’t believe in their possibilities, but because I have come to realize that there is no value in sacrificing my actuality for their potentiality. I make a distinction between human potential- which may well be infinite- and human reality- which is often quite finite, particularly in those who choose, over decades, to remain asleep. Yes they may well awaken, but we should never postpone any part of our own life waiting for that to happen. Unconditional love begins at home, with the protecting and honoring of our own unique journey.


to truly love

we must love ourselves –

and then others –

to experience true freedom and make a real difference in the world

As Ram Dass so wonderfully said,

The most you can do for all of us, is to become all you are meant to become.


and so………….sometimes…………

                                            we MUST….

                                                      BURN things….


ill just call you a lesson I have learned

ill just call you a bridge that I must burn

you wont get no satisfaction 

as I light the match and turn  

all those things I learned the hard way

broken dreams that I have earned

every heartache

every heartbreak

all begin and end with you

so I’ll say goodbye my darlin’

now I wish for something new 

and I’ll wake up in the morning

to a sky of brilliant blue

I will look for love my darling

for the love I’m overdue

and I’ll call you a lesson I have learned

I’ll just call you a lesson I have learned


found on google images


when you reach freedom, stretch far
you’ll know it..cobwebs leave the corner
don’t hide,
just glide to the nearest door…mere shadows leave reflections on the wall

when you reach freedom within,
pause…hold it tenderly,
keep the moment for you alone…

only saints walk naked in the world…
death is over, and freedom one…
leave the church of your birth and fly…
to the trees above the river

never again will there be others who know for you…
pause and listen to the voice coming up ,
deep down in the roots of a woman…free.

Donna Knutson

The Poet Preacher


image found on google images

on the shores of my soul
I invite you to come
just sit with me a while
wonder & wander the possibilities
of where our love can leadlove
the river is wide
from shore to shore
over the troubled waters
we must cross once
then over and back
again and again
to reach our homes
on distant shores
it’s the only way we can stay joyously alive
it’s the only way we can truly live
where we leave fear & war & pain behind
we must build a bridge of love
let’s build a bridge of love


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