both sides now


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I’m thinking about our time


somehow…we always think we have time…


even if we live, what’s considered  a ‘loooong’ life it’s only about 100 years…

that seemed like a lot of time 40 years ago…


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now….quickly approaching 52

seems like it has flown by as fast as the proverbial guy below…


why, just a few days ago,

I was a kid, climbing trees, playing with earthworms and acorns, collecting frogs and fireflies,

singing songs on the sidewalk….


me and my ‘dirdie’

oh time

oh love

oh life

awaken us all

to hear

to see

to be aware

shake our comfort zones

let us scream

let us cry

let us shout

let us waste no more of our living

help us choose wisely

help us live passionately 

help us love mercy 

establishing justice

inhabiting grace

keep us humble

keep us growing 

keep us connected 

knowing our own valve

as well as every others

Oh God of love

Oh God of life

Oh God of joy

awaken us

bring us peace



Photo by Lissette Hesmadt

If you find all your roads and paths blocked,
be still
you will be shown a secret way that no one knows.

 ~ Rumi

you may not be at a place you enjoy at moment

PLEASE remember to remember:

life is changing

you are changing

you can make like a tree and “leave”


you can become like a tree and root deep

either way…

you are loved!


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I walk through the raspy voices of the fallen leaves
shuffle through the playlist of your memory
rifle through suitcases of past days
stepping on milestones strategically placed
arriving at this moments’ frigid windchill
to stand on the sandy shore
of blue skied tomorrows
chloroformed dreams
full of next choices
to do
to be
to want
to know
I turn toward the day, falling down with such grace
the brilliant colors of the future before me
the promises of love written all across the horizon
a love song playlist
softly shuffling under my feet
life, with all its beauty, sings my name softly
a lullaby, like no other,
sleep, child, all is well
you are love
you are loved




“What’s your favorite memory?” she once asked me.

“Walking in the sunshine,” I replied.

“And why is that your favorite?”

“Because I felt happy. I felt happy, loved, loving, and free. It’s my first memory.”

“That’s what you are,” she responded. “That’s your energy. No matter what, forever, for always, that’s what you will have the ability to be: happy, loved, loving, and free. Your original energy will always be accessible to you, because, ultimately, your original energy is who you are.”

Most of what I learned in those new age classes and groups eventually fell by the wayside, but my grandmother’s wisdom remained. Not that it was unique. Buddhist and Hindu teachings have long told us that everything is energy, dancing in form, while the dance itself is an endless flow between the form and the formless.

In other words, everything is interconnected; and, as “energy beings,” we can magnetize (into our lives) the things and people that are right for us. This is not exactly the same as the Law of Attraction where it seems one has to be specific. Rather, what I’m referring to simply entails that we know and be ourselves.

This has made the concept of connection and attraction much easier for me to understand, because it indicates that connection and attraction, for the most part, is not something we can look for or control—not if we want it to be real.

Connection and attraction is an invisible—”behind the scenes”— process that happens when we allow it to flow freely by focusing on who we are at the core.

When we remember and then become an expression of our soul signature—our original energy that most of us got to know in early childhood—we allow that energy to flow without being affected by the vibes around us.

The more we emit our soul signature—our unique expression, our spiritual DNA—the more we’re prepared for what we desire to manifest itself at any time, because it won’t surprise or scare us.


Mary Dunlop


 Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
~Henry David Thoreau

  This life therefore is not righteousness, but growth in righteousness, not health, but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing toward it, the process is not yet finished, but it is going on, this is not the end, but it is the road. All does not yet gleam in glory, but all is being purified.
– Martin Luther


Welcome February 2017

rabbit. rabbit. rabbit.



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