what am i to do?

meadows. valleys. sea. sky. poet. realist.



common thread. 

             - Robin OK*


If anything in life matters – then everything in life matters. Every choice has the potential to lead us to our highest and best purpose, or not. There are no small miracles, kindnesses, choices, loves, lives. Though we have a tendency to rate them as small if they aren’t flashy, don’t give us everything we want the moment we want it, or don’t conform to our societal image of ‘rich’ – which in our culture is defined by having money.



There is only life and what we do with what we’ve been given within it. There is only living mindfully, or not; joyfully, or not; with our whole heart – or not.

This beautiful question is stated perfectly by Mary Oliver, What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

It behooves* us to think about, struggle with, and begin to live-in-answer, to this question!


What happens when we begin to take responsibility for our living in this way? I can tell you, first-hand, it changes everything.

The invitation is always there for each one of us…as long as we breathe…even within the tumult*…to ask, seek, knock and find our way into life – in all it’s gory glory. Life begs us to enter into intimacy with our own selves, that very narrow gate which will lead us to life.

The inward journey is the start of the outward journey – into relationship, into community, into the world.

This is the beginning of love.

This is the beginning of everything.


We are given many gifts
over our lifetimes
Gifts are heaped upon us
Every day we receive

The way we acknowledge these gifts
the way we receive
each moment
our counting of the gifts
our awareness in each breath
may be our most important choice in life

This one insight brings us life
as grace or prison –
heaven or hell
is bound up in gratitude

I have had many strange & wonderful gifts
many in boxes of darkness
received over my life
so far

this knowledge
this ability to see beyond
to choose to seek the blessing
the good in all I receive
has been the best gift
of all

My cup runs over and over
deep upon deep
My path is lined with diamonds
My sky is bright with twinkling stars
My field is overflowing with flowers*

Many people get huffy* with God for the bad things that happen in the world, or to them personally. When things are going the way they want, they usually don’t mind taking full credit for themselves. It’s an interesting concept to me that most people’s version of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is based on their own preferences, and those are constantly in flux, and also different for each and everyone of us.

As I look at the world, I find it, and us, as humankind, flawed and imperfect. Full of good, full of evil. The spiritual life to me, is in all ways, a practical one. It is not the subtraction of all pain, loss and things we don’t like. It is the addition of help within those hard circumstances, the hope that we can get better and heal from our traumas, the firm belief that, no matter what comes, we are never abandoned, never truly alone, never less than completely loved and accepted – even when ‘evil’ overtakes me, even when I am the instrument of ‘evil’, there is always hope. I can make a new choice within this moment. It does not mean there are no consequences for our bad choices, but even our worst choices have hope for redemption. It’s a big WOW moment when this truth arrives in your living.

Living this way is the ultimate adventure in faith! Ruthless trust says, even when I can’t see beauty, I can still know, for sure, life is beautiful! It is a grace-full life. Anne LaMotte says, Grace meets us where we are, but never leaves us there! This is our miracle! This is the truly amazing part, and pathway, of grace!!!

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There are hundreds of thousands of people,
maybe even millions,
holding the world together,
each doing one act of goodness today,
one righteous act of peace,
one simple smile of grace,
one pie to a neighbor,
one stepping into the breech,
to bring one giant defiant action against evil.
Somehow we hear just a few names in history…
Abraham Lincoln
Mother Teresa
Martin Luther King, Jr
Great names for great people,
they inspire us, yes.
Yet, sometimes it makes our ordinary, everyday effort seem less,

it’s not!
We seem to have come to believe only in celebrity, yet,
there are hundreds of thousands of people,
maybe millions,
holding the world together,
every day –
one small piece for each of us


I repeat the beautiful question by Mary Oliver,

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

go back to the beginning and read the title of this post again….



*thanks for all fun, amazing people bringing the words of the week into this post:

               behooves – Sue Timony-Hall

               huffy – Debbie Edwards

               tumult – Todd / via Sue Timony-Hall

            all kinds of good fun…including a “David Bowie Avatar Mermaid”   – Robin OK

            NO RAIN NO FLOWERS…At this point I am a garden….working my way up to
           becoming an endless fu@#ing field!!!!!¡!⚘🌷🌹🌼🌻🌺🌹
                                                                                                                                   – Lissette



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