a thousand miles in silence                  a thousand miles alone

                                               a thousand miles to get here

                                                  a thousand miles to go

                                a thousand smiles to cheer me

                                                               a thousand more to know

                                                                a thousand miles of learning

 a thousand more I’m home


We’re a week in already! The new is already wearing off of our year. Time moves us along so quickly, it’s really interesting to me how aware of time I have become. I have spent the last 9 years marking time through creative sharing. I created and published an inspirational newsletter called, Songs from the Valley, for 6 years. During those years I put out 2/ 8-page issues a month. I loved marking the months in that way. Over-lapping the newsletter, I started my daily poetry blog, Life:  Acoustic & Amplified, which I created for 5 years. During one of the daily blog years I also wrote a poem a day for a whole year, I ended that year with over 800 poems.

In this blog, The Oracles’ Compass,  we will mark our weeks. My current plan is to post once a week and am already enjoying the pleasant possibilities accompanying our 52 week progression around the sun, knowing how much it will change, adapt and evolve over this time traveling around the sun.



Zora Neale Hurston said, There are years that ask questions and years that answer.


in a year of answers

be as quiet as possible

practice solitude

make yourself a friend with silence

open your inner ears

listen for voices from other dimensions

care for your soul

allow deep mystery to bloom

sit in nature

find spots of beauty to fill you up

take time

go slow

so you can hear everything

waiting to be revealed

for such a time as this

I would add, there have been years for me when neither of these things happen – there have been years of silence and darkness, and there have been years of uneventful, dreariness, a couple of years leaning to the joy side and even one or two I can remember which burned with fire, lovemaking and sunshine. Years of struggle, getting stronger, silence and song.

To everything there is a season, and each year is marked by life and love; birth and death; beginnings and endings; sorrow and joy; winning and losing; enemies, friends and lovers; fire and rain; learning and forgetting; falling and rising; and always, always, no matter the theme of the year, there is food and laughter, tears, touch, stories and songs.

Below are the questions I’m currently sitting with.

I suggest you might want to take one or two of them with you this week to think about:

What will I recognize & reject / or celebrate this year?

What will I allow? to change / to grow?

What will I live for / what will I fight for?

Will I be a human being / or a human doing?

Will I stay present?   Will I remember my achievements?


Respectfully given to you,
exalted being
full of grace,
remember to forget

surrender struggles to catch it’s breath,
then, finally, falls soft
as evening prayers at twilight,
gathering into the corners of our hearts
before falling full onto the center of our living circle,
free and happy as Friday night. 

next morning’s sun fills us, 
each day, each season. 
nurture moves with grace,
evolving slowly thru 

our caring hands,
our grieving hearts,
our shared experience, 
our acts of courage,
the healing salt of our tears.

with pieces of our true love,
we fly flags
of prayer,
of peace,
of poems,
of our own making 
to heal the worlds – 
within us/
without us. 

we allow –
simply complex. 

we understand –
clearly unclear. 

we stand and fill our world with the beauty 
of sound,
of hum,
of voice,
of music,
protecting us 
from lesser gods,
the terror all around. 

love is the shield, 
love is the answer,
love is the choice,
love is our glory,
our salvation,
crowning us 
sons and daughters 
of the King.

at times,
in spite of our broken pieces,
our refusal to believe,
even our darkened hearts. 

isn’t it?


Image Source: Aneta Ivanova @ tumblr



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