The Beginning is Near

December 31

On any given year we end on this day. It is only an end….the beginning starts at the first tick of midnight – and in that moment we celebrate the achievement of making it through the one behind and this new beginning full of hope and the unknown possibles ahead! There are fireworks, kisses, champagne!


Life is full of endings, some we celebrate, some we grieve, but all things come full circle as we end and begin over and over. Sometimes we refuse to see that each ending is the start of something new. That’s when we can get stuck. It’s ok to sit for a while, but sometimes we stay there way too long! We get so caught up in the love of what has ended, we forget to see what is before us is always an opportunity to the very best thing we could ever imagine.


Sometimes, as David Whyte so eloquently puts it, we need a “kick in the vulnerables” to motivate us to begin new, to break those old vows no longer working in our current stage in life. There are important things we need to leave behind us and there are important things to remember. The breaking of vows is just as important as the making of vows. We are human and our hearts were made to break. If we live life correctly we will always be learning and growing, and our hearts will break over and over. Our choice comes down to this – we can make sure our hearts break over something we really care about.


So as we begin this new year think about what you want to open your heart to this year with the very real possibility that it will break. Leave behind the things you don’t care about. Leave behind the things that are no longer working. Leave behind things which aren’t true. Our honesty is reached through the doorway of grief and loss and this type of truth becomes us in every way.

These past two weeks I’ve been sick with a sinus, cold, and congestion which for the past four days has turned into me walking around with my ears plugged up. Right now, as I write this, I can hear my breathing loud in my head, but the normal sounds I pick up on, like the birds, the fan, the dogs outside, etc, are not present. I have been hating it mostly, trying to be patient as I yawn and yawn to try to “pop” them back into place, but just now, as I began to write this post it hit me that this is a new opportunity to really listen and be present to myself. What if, at least for this moment, I just allowed this to be what I needed to hear something inside myself in a new way? What do I need to leave behind me as I step into this new year? What vows am I called to end? What vows am I called to make?

What will today’s living, and listening, in this way teach me? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to try it and let you know.

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!




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