What do you expect to hear from an Oracle?



I’ve been thinking about that for the past few months and I’ve come to the conclusion that an Oracle really just gives ‘sage” spiritual words to those who are seeking to understand their lives, heal their wounds, and resolve old traumatic events and patterns from their place of living, in new ways. It all really boils down to finding practical and encouraging tools, thoughts, practices, rituals, laughter to keep us moving forward on the right path for ourselves. Oracles are, first and always, seekers of beauty, kindness, truth, wisdom, peace, kindness, patience, hope, faith, and especially, love.

Sometimes the path is very dark and ominous and we need to know someone else has walked here, has come through it, and is now thriving. Sometimes we need a circle of love, a hug, sometimes we need eye contact to know we are really seen and sometimes we need to hear – ‘it’s going to be ok’, ‘you’re not alone’, ‘the best is yet to come’, ‘you CAN get up again’, ‘YOU ARE SOOOO LOVED’, spoken, over and over, by someone who has had the audacity to brave the fires of extreme grief and loss, yet, can still speak these words with conviction. We need ones who still speak grace after many bitter pills have been swallowed. An Oracle is one who has refused, and still refuses, to give up; who holds on with ruthless trust, and throws all the ropes of grace and hope they can get hold of to everyone in their path.

I believe each person already knows inside what they need to become their best selves. Our lives are each unique and finding our own personal path is more an uncovering, a revealing, an excavation than anything else. However, many of us have never been taught to listen to our inner voice of love, to trust our own knowing, to experience our own value, to believe in our own beauty, and so the path inside gets obscured and we find ourselves in places very far from our happy place, doing things we would never have thought we would ever do, living in dark places of frustration and bitterness.

I don’t believe any of us want to stay in those dark places, we just don’t always know how to change it, or that we, indeed, hold the power of our destiny in our very own hands.

We hear, as from a distance, many voices telling us what to do, we gravitate to them. There is a part of each of us who want the easy path, the illusion, we want gurus and self-made billionaires to give us something that will allow us to be ok where we are. We want a formula, a rule book, to be in control, or even to be controlled, yet, though the truth lies within us, we work hard, most of the time, not to hear ourselves.

If we actually listen, and hear the little voice inside, then we will be called to do something extraordinary. We will have to become who we were created to be! We will have to live into our destiny and that will, many times, be non-conformist and will make us extremely uncomfortable. We may lose people, life styles and reputations we lived within for our whole lives. What then? That’s hard! Yes, it is – it’s also spectacular and extraordinary and luscious!! It’s the ONLY way to truly LIVE!!! Which is really what life is all about, ya know?

And that is why the world needs Oracles. Oracles know for sure that life is FOR US. That we, just average, frail, human beings, can do hard things, in fact, we are MADE to do hard things. We can, not just survive the fires of our adversity and grief, we can thrive! We can love and stay soft and help each other. We can shout with laughter, wail, in shared grieving, for each loss, sing songs and tell stories, have meaningful conversations and flesh-stripping arguments and still love, still forgive, still allow each other to be true to who we are and still be family. We can eat and drink together and celebrate that all these things are the very marrow of the bones of our humanity.

I tell you all this to let you know why I am thrilled to be named an Oracle, as I look you square in the eye, and tell you straight up, here in the beginning, of this new adventure we are about to start together, “You’ve got this, the best is always yet to be!”


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